Fort Towson Ramblings 11-20-2017

Did your remember to set your clocks back one hour as we end Daylight Savings? It is such a joke. We only have 4 months of  egular time. Why not just leave it one way or the other? The State of Oklahoma could (if they had the courage) make it go away  in our State. It is with much sadness that I have to report the passing of a dear Lady and Friend, Ruby Lee Sales Fennell. I have known her most of my life. She was in the graduating Class of 1952 and so was my sister, Betty. They were best friends. We only lived a short distance from each other so on Saturday afternoons we would spend the evening walking in the woods between the Red Road and the Tram Road. Ruby was fun to be around. Did you know that at one time she wanted to be an airline stewardess? That didn’t work out so she came home and worked at the glove factory until she married Raymon. They had two  great kids, Raymon, Jr., and Ruby (Sissie). She was my right arm the year I did the cooking at the Nutrition Site. I’ll miss you, Ruby. Friday was the HAVN spay/neuter clinic. We had 29 animals signed up to come but only 23 actu- ally came. The vet didn’t mind as she was battling with sinus and allergy symptoms. There were 17 cats and 6 dogs. None of the dogs were very big. Some of those animals were just gorgeous. David Burns brought in 2 yellow Manx kittens. I would have tried to talk him out of them except I have 12 already. Fran-ces Wyson brought in a darling Dachshund girl. The yellow kittens reminded me of  the Manx that Johnny Rosson gave me several years ago. I named them Buttercup and Butterscotch. I lost them to the coyotes. All in all we had a good clinic. Many of the people enjoyed staying around to visit with each other. Dorothy Martin found a  friend, Leola Abbott, and was able to talk to her. They each had brought in a dog. Dorothy’s was very active but Leola’s was a doll. I wish to recognize Dawn Miller Alvey for the work she does in helping slow down the overpopulation of dogs in Ft.  Towson. She gathers up some of the strays and brings them to the clinic. I wish more people had the heart for animals that she does. You could help out by giving her a donation to help defray the cost of the surgeries. (Not that she would ask you for one). But I am shameless and will ask for anything to help the animals. I saw Jon Loar and Penny Coyle doing some grocery shopping Wednesday. They used to be more actively involved with HAVN. In fact, Penny is the founder of HAVN. She and I went to Broken Bow one night to see how ARK worked and she took it from there. The Menu for the Nutrition Site for the month of November is as follows: November 14-Meatloaf; November 21-Vegetable Soup; November 28-Pork Loin Roast. We need your support. Ladies, be thinking of a dessert because for the Thanksgiving/Christmas meal. We want all of the ladies to bring a  essert. No date yet. I pray that all of you will have a pleasant and productive week. By the way, I need a used recliner for a dear lady in the nursing home. Her family isn’t able to help.

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