Fort Towson Ramblings 12/8

We will not be writing 2017 much longer. It is almost history. If you planned to do anything this year, you don’t have much time to get it done.
I spent time in Dr. Salyer’s office this week. I have cat who was born in my back room. She had this growth on top of her head which kept
getting bigger. After telling her for weeks that I was taking her to the doctor, I finally did. He removed it, but I have not talked to him to find
out exactly what it was.
Just learned that Bill Easterwood fell again and broke the other hip. It is not as serious as the other leg, so maybe he will be up and around
sooner. But he is tenacious and has a strong will, so I hope to see him back in church.
The last few years have really been hard on oak trees. So many have died and I’ve had so many removed. There is a young man coming to
look at a dead tree on the west side of the house. (It was my shade each summer.) The temperature gets up to 110 on my back porch. His
family owns the Hill and son Fina gas station in Hugo.
The residents at Baptist Village were so quiet Thursday. I visited with Ruth Glenn whose daughter Judy Cochnauer was there helping her
wrap Christmas gifts. Other residents are not so blessed to have family members who visit. I urge you to go visit someone in a nursing home
or even a person who is house bound due to health problems. They get so lonely for the human touch. Television is wonderful, but it is not
the blessing of the human hand. Hey, why not grab your kids and teach them that the act of kindness brings rewards.
Over at Orschelns farm store, I saw Don Lanier. He was buying feed for his 35 chickens. I do not know if he sells eggs or not, but Jim Earnest is.
They are next door neighbors.
The next HAVN clinic will not be until January 5. I sure hope we have nice weather. You can call to schedule your pet, but I already have 40 on the
list. If you can’t wait there is a clinic in Durant. Call 580-924-5873.
Birthdays are Benny Perry-5th; Tommy Mager-13th; Ed Johnson-9th; Vickie Priddy-12th and our own dear Tammy Edwards the 14th. Happy
Birthday to all of you guys.
School turns out on December 19 for the Christmas Holiday. But between now and then they will have to take all of those Semester test.
All of you have a good week. Remember whose birthday you are celebrating.

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