Fort Towson Ramblings December 22, 2017

I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas.

This cold weather makes me long for war Springs days. I will be glad when 2017 is over.

One of my dear friends, Johnny Rosson, passed away Friday. Johnny had all sorts of health problems. A few years ago he had open heart surgery. Just this week he spent two days in a veteran’s hospital in Dallas. We just know he would be coming through the church doors with his usual big smile Sunday.He was a veteran that did two tours of duty in Vietnam. To Ms. Johnnie and the children, I weep with you. The world will never be the same.

Things to Ponder: Why is it that good men die young and the evil and worthless seem to live forever?

The sky is so pretty today with bright sunshine. I could use less wind. Everything is brown and sere except the evergreens. The possum haw hollies have loads of berries this year that are very bright red. The birds are busy at the feeders but I see many are eating the holly berries and the fruit from the Autumn olive bushes. So far the suet cakes have not been one of their best places to visit.

School was dismissed on December Fort Towson Ramblings

19 until after the new year. Having been a teacher, I know everyone is glad for a time of refreshing.

I know it is late but I erred on the dates the Nutrition is going to be closed. They will be closed on December 26 an January 2. These are the days after Christmas and New Years.

While in town I met a couple of former students. The first was Becky Johnson David. You know she just lost her dad, but she said everyone was okay.

The next was Paula Hudson. Paula’s mom Geraldine and I were best friends in high school. It seems that Geraldine is in better health recently.

Have you been to the new store in Hugo. It is on the west side of town next to LessCo. The name is SaveMore. They have a little bit of any thing you could want at reduced prices. Some of the items are past the expiration date, but who cares if it is still good. My momma taught me not to waste anything. Each Monday they have a 10% discount on everything in the store for Senior Citizens. Go, give them a try.

Next week being Christmas week, I will not write a Column. So I wish you all a Safe and Happy Christmas and blessed 2018.

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