Happy New Year 2018!

Each year that ends in 8, I get 10 years older.

Makes keeping up with my age easier. Last week I watched Wizard of Oz on TV. I do not believe that I had ever watched the entire production at one time. Do you know it was made in 1939. One time in college I took a class in Play Production and we did a scene from it. I played the Cowardly Lion. I think that 1939 was the same year that Gone with the Wind was produced. Two great films. I don’t think they make movies like that today.

The Nutrition Site will be open again on January 9. They have a very good menu for January. On the 9th its is Hamburger Steak; on the 16th they will serve Chicken soup which will taste very good if it gets as cold as is expected. On January 23 it is Pork chops and the 30th a type of Hamburger Helper… Please come out and support the home town folks.

Bud and Daisy were back this week. He had been in the hospital again for some medical procedures. There was an excellent turn out even though Joyce and Ed weren’t there. I teased him on Sunday because he had on this lovely red shirt. Jean Sexton, Gladys Sharpe and Jean Dozier were in their usual places. When we got out it was raining, Thank God.

On Thursday December 21st, they held the funeral for Johnny Rosson. It is too hard to imagine that he is gone-a man so full of life with many many things to complete in this life. The attendance was standing room only as he was well known in Choctaw County. Many of the people were unknown to me, but I did know several of the young people whom I had taught.

Johnny Hammons came over to say hello. He has grown so tall that I hardly recognized him. Johnny has 3 girls and a son all grown. Josh on the other had has three handsome young sons. It is hard to believe that their sister Lisa is a grandmother. Her daughter Katie has a little girl. Brother Bennie and Sister Debbie Hammons were there, too.

A big thanks to Lonnie and Susan Smith for putting up their Christmas lights this year. They brighten up my neighborhood. Last year the entire Smith family had multiple health problems, so no lights. I am glad they are all feeling better.

There will not be a HAVN spay clinic on Jan. 5, because of the cold weather. Vet has to come from Coalgate.

Your “Life” sheet for 2018 is blank, so be careful what you put on

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