Triple D Machine Encourages Employee Health, Wellness

Boswell – Triple D Machine of Boswell is taking steps to create a healthier work environment for its employees. Recognizing the importance of having healthier employees, Triple D Machine Owner, James Dickson signed into effect a comprehensive wellness policy, covering the areas of nutrition, physical activity and a tobacco-free work site.

The TSET Healthy Living Program of Choctaw County collaborated with Mr. Dickson to create a wellness policy to best suit Triple D Machine employees. Mr.Dickson recognizes that the health of the employees determines the success of the company and their ability to increase productivity. Given that most adults spend nearly half of their waking hours at work and eat several meals and snacks at the workplace, business owners can, and must, actively support the health and wellness of their employees. The TSET Healthy Living Program in Choctaw County appreciates Mr. Dickson at Triple D Machine for being a leader in advocating for health and making Choctaw County a better place to live, work and play!

If you are interested in a workplace wellness policy for your business, please contact Teresa Fenley at the Choctaw County Health Department.

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