Fort Towson Ramblings Jan 21,2019

When it rains around here, it really rains. Saturday is supposed to be the end of it. We may have between 8 and 10 inches
by then. This is the most rain we have had since last August.
The weather was sloppy last Tuesday, so I did not have lunch at the Nutrition Site. This week’s menu sounds good so I hope
I get to go. It is fun to go down there and meet everyone and hear how their weeks have gone.
Sunday we at Corinth had a visiting minister. It was Rick Banta who was high school principal when I was there. He was very well
liked since he treated both students and teachers fairly. Rick said his two sons have presented him with 11 grandchildren.
Have you been out on any of the county roads. In many places water is over the roads. In fact, any way I go I have to go through
high water. Below me used to be so bad your car would get flooded out. But when Wendy David was commissioner they put in
a really big culvert which helps carry the water.
Thursday I went to Baptist Village to meet with Renee Johnson who is the State Ombudsman coordinator for our area. She was
talking about the fact that we need more volunteers for this area. Baptist Village is the only nursing home in Choctaw County that
has an ombudsman volunteer. Some more of you need to step up if you care about the well fare of residents in nursing homes.
You go through some training, then you only go to the nursing home one hour a week. When you see the smiles on the faces of
the people who never have a visitor, it’s worth all of your effort. Let me know if you wold like to help.
While I was up there this eek I had a chance to visit with Steve and Elaine Crawford. Elaine’s mom Mary was enjoying their visit
because they had brought Mary’s little dog to see her.
As I was adjusting to presence of my new puppy someone thought that I needed a kitten. And I truly believe the same person
who brought the dog also brought the cat, because they seem to know each other. The cat is black and orange, but not a calico.
I named her Princess. Can’t decide on a name for the pup. Peggy Maeger has a little black and white dog who has been spayed
that needs a home.
My washing machine gave up on me. It would do everything except spin out the water. I called Regina at Pulliams to see what
they had in stock. She had nearly new heavy duty machine. I told her not to sell it before I got there. After bringing it home my
nephew Tracy gave up his free time and installed it for me. I sure do like it. It has super large tub for big loads.
My land line phone has been out for nearly a week. I don’t expect them to come out in the flood, but I need it by Monday.
Have you noticed that the daffodils are in full bloom. This rain has not been good for them as many of them are flat on the
ground. I was noticing that the winter grasses are certainly greening up with all of the rain and warmer temperatures. The cows
will be happy. They are all huddled here by the back gate. They have a nice woodlot but don’t seem to know to go there. It just came
a major flood. And the sun was trying to shine a few minutes ago.
A couple dates to remember. Daylight Savings starts on March 11. I see that Senator Silk wants to have Oklahoma go on Savings
Time in Oklahoma all year round. I agree since we only have regular time for four months. Why bother to change. Spring Break
is March 12-16.

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