Fort Towson Ramblings – March 22, 2019

This weather reminds me of the time I lived on the Oregon coast. One day the sun would shine, but you wouldn’t see it again for three or four days. There was always rain. So much so that the pastures turned into lakes.

You missed another great meal at the Nutrition Site. Freda was not feeling well so they recruited Ann Smith to help out. Johnny Smith was there and he and the guys were regaling each other with fish stories. See what you missed? Steve, Raymon and Jim were having a blast. Let me tell you, Johnny has some wonderful stories to tell about the Frogville area.

We learned that Kathleen Noble had a serious heart procedure last week. She came through it and is home recuperating. Keep her in your prayers.

Don’t know if it is good news or bad news, but Sissie Peebles is not getting to go to the Paris assisted living. They are looking for something closer to home. I think Baptist village has some apartments for independent living. Would be nice to have her closer to home.

The cats and I have been hugging the stove again. they love to be warm. I think I might have been a cat in another life. Maybe I was Cleopatra’s cat. The Egyptians worshipped their cats as gods. Even mummified them.

The fruit trees seem to have survived the last freezes. They appear to be in full bloom. The pear tree in the front yard is very pretty. Last year I did not get one pear. The squirrels grab them as soon as they are very big.

The redbuds are showing color today. wonder how long before the dogwoods will be blooming? Mine died. They like acidic soil and some shade.

We got a flyer in the paper about a new grocery store opening in Boswell. I bet the people are glad to have a new store. I remember when Pruett’s opened that new store in Valliant. I appreciate that store because of the variety of brands.

I think this is Spring Break for Oklahoma schools. Keep your eyes open as you drive around as they may be having so much fun that they do not see you. Goes double for you young drivers.

Don’t know when is the last day of school, but high school graduation is set for May 17.

Norma Carroll came by to get help removing some stitches from her little dog. He is a chihuahua. dogs I don’t mind, but stitches out of a cat needs a trip to the vet.

March 15 was the “Ides of March.” The only reason that it is so notable is due to the Shakespearian play, “Julius Caesar.” Caesar was assassinated on that day. Every months has an “ides.”

Now what about “Pi” Day, which is March 14? Pi represents the symbol π which is used in the math formula “Pi R squared.” I love the joke about the fellow who went to school and the teacher was taking about the Pi R Square. The fellow said, “That is not correct; Pie is round but cornbread is square.”

Birthdays on the 20th are Jeanie Batson, Raymon Fennell and Vivian Gibson. Kyle Earnest’s was on the 19th.

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