Fort Towson Ramblings – May 3, 2019

It was 1998 when I wrote the first column for you. The Choctaw County Times was the weekly paper then. When it closed I began to write for the Valliant Leader and later the Examiner. There has been a lot of water going under the bridge both figuratively and literally since then. The Hugo News published the rainfall statistics since 1913 in the Tuesday edition. You might want to get a copy so you can see just how much or how little rain we received in those years. There was a drought in 1956 and it forgot to quit raining in 1957. Our Senior class went to New Orleans and I didn’t think we were going to make it back.

It was quit at Baptist Village Thursday except for the fact that they need more CNAs on the floor. There were only two aides for 24 people. When a resident needs help, they need it right then. So if you aren’t doing anything, go take that CNA class at the Vo-Tech and go to work helping people. There is a new local person who just came in–Billy Don Rose. He and I were in the same class at school. Go give him a visit because his son and daughter do not live close. Dan Stiles still needs stick horses for the Kentucky Derby event on May 4. The ladies need some fancy hats, too.

You certainly missed a great lunch at the Nutrition Site last Tuesday. Ruth cooked her special ham and it was so tender. Jim Earnest and I talked chickens. He didn’t order any new ones this Spring maybe in the Fall. I am going to let mine live as long as they can, then I do not plan to get anymore. Raymond and Ed were engaged in a lively conversation probably about fishing. I heard someone say their freezer was full. Ray and Kathleen were gone to a doctor’s appointment. The ladies were all there and Marty Stone joined them.

Do you ever have those nights when you cannot go to sleep. You don’t hurt anywhere and there are no worries, you just toss and turn, Finally, I got up and read until 3am. Good thing I love a good mystery book.

Did I tell you that I have found a new AM radio station—KAAM-770 on the dial. It is a church channel. They have several good preachers and better music that most stations. I like Charles Stanley and J. Vernon McGee. If you have a Bible question, they have a call in show to help you.

Some of our sick friends are doing better. Jo Miller is over her bout with food poisoning. Susan Smith’s arm is healing slowly and Freda is back at the Nutrition Site after her surgery.

And I can announce that Wedding Bells are ringing today for Travis Farmer and Danette Smith. I wish them years of happiness and bliss. They are wonderful people and

Post Author: Examiner