A Nichols Worth

~Nanalee Nichols

I’m on a mission. A campaign. And as only one ordinary person I won’t make much impact. However, if a few people who read this will take up the torch of truth, and then a few more, we might be able to create a better world.

I’m on a campaign to counteract the memes on Facebook, or indeed anywhere else, that are total lies or half truths.

Social media has created the perfect place to pitch out statements and photos purporting to be the truth but really aren’t. There are no checks and balances, there are no guidelines or guardians. No one to say “no, no, no, that is total fiction”.

Mostly it is political but often it has to do with immigration or religion, and a host of other subjects.

I do not care which political party is doing it, just because it agrees with what you believe or want to be true doesn’t make it the truth.

I’ve done it myself, seen something and just shared it without checking to see if it’s real or factual! And I’ve gone back and corrected myself.

I’m sure some of my friends don’t appreciate it when I comment “this isn’t true at all” or “completely untrue”.

But I’m doing it, I guess as my expression of disgust at how carelessly we are treating a very valued thing…truth.

The truth doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. We bandy statements about that appear and are reposted or shared by thousands. And because it is what we want to believe or agrees with what we think or are dedicated to we assume it is real. All too often it isn’t though.

Folks, the internet enables people to crucify others with no repercussions. But the internet also makes it very easy to fact check before we perpetuate more lies.

Yet lies, statements taken out of context and half truths flourish like weeds in the garden.

I have seen a statement attributed to three politicians. The exact same statement. And the fact is that not one of them said it. It is damaging to their image and political hopes. No doubt that is what the creator of this lie wanted to happen. And unfortunately some of us are so dedicated to our political beliefs that we don’t seem to care it’s not true!

Please, help me make a start on stopping cruelty, falsehoods and out and out lies. Before you repost or share a statement attributed to a politician, an actor, a past president, do some research. If you are on social media you have at your fingertips an awesome tool for truth. Use it. Check it out. And if it isn’t the truth, even if you would like to be, don’t send it on!

Truth matters. We seem to be forgetting that.

Post Author: Examiner