Fort Towson Ramblings – May 17, 2019

Wow! Honeysuckle is taking the countryside. I have never seen it so lush. It is mostly yellow and white but in a few spots there is a red one. The aroma is so strong it almost physically attacks all your senses. I see that the chinaberry trees are in bloom as are the catalpa trees. Over at Hugo I saw Jaqueta White. She told me that her daughter Kristi and husband Mike Martin are expecting their first grandchildren this month. Both of them are boys. They are Jaqueta and Jimmy’s great-grandchildren. Congratulations to the new parents. Today has been unusually cool. In fact a few records were broken on the low temperatures. (Global Warming, yeah!). I had to turn the heaters back on and drag out the flannel pj’s. We think we have it bad with all of the rain, but what about those people in the Houston area? Friday we went grocery shopping all the way to the Antlers Pruett’s. I did not realize how huge that store is. We never saw everything, but what I liked was all the variety of brands. We will probably go back next month to stock up. The prices seemed about the same as other stores with a few exceptions. The meat selections are exceptional. It will be wonderful when the Valliant store gets rebuilt–six months if all goes well. I am not sure but I think Pruett’s is the only large grocery store between Atoka and Broken Bow. Bobbie Himes and her sister Geneva Guyer were shopping last Thursday. I forgot that they are sisters. Just a few days before I saw their other sister Mary at the post office with her husband Henry. They were on their way to mow lawns. If you need someone to mow your lawn give him a call. By the time you read this article the Swink election will have been decided. Swink has always been such a good school. I hope they vote to keep it, especially K-6. Seems as though when a school goes, so does the town. The cemetery is looking very well-kept. The Committee is having a meeting on May 16, at 4:30pm at the Museum across from the County Barn. Why not plan to go? They want to identify and mark many of the graves that have no markers. We went through the Spencerville cemetery Friday. It is so well kept. It is a lovely place with a view of a lake. I have some former students interred there- -Splinter Day and Pat Miller Shuchardt. A very nice lady, Kay and her husband Wayne came out and dug up some plants. He wanted a start of the elderberries. I gave them some cannas, too. I have some antique iris (I know they have been where they are for 100 years). If you have a garden of antique plants, I would love to give you some. Now is a good time as I just had the bed cleaned. School is out for the summer. I believe they will have summer school and a summer lunch program. Check it out

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