Fort Towson Ramblings – May 24, 2019

What beautiful weather! The sunshine feels so good. I got in a long time of mowing. What is that I hear? You don’t mean it. That is thunder and here comes the rain in torrents. You can’t see a thing. Even the dogs are rushing into the house.

The Swink school election was last Tuesday. The people overwhelmingly voted no on consolidation. They want to keep the school as it is. There was an excellent article in the McCurtain Gazette that gave all of the details.

Part of the problem seemed to be that they had too many employees and they have not been able to recoup the $200,00 that was stolen from the school. It would help if all the people who went to school could set up a fund to help out. And another thought, You retired educators could volunteer your services and save them a lot of money. I would certainly help to the extent that I am able.

Quite a number of people that I know showed up on my radar this week. There was Danny Hisaw. He was talking about how good fishing had been. Eddie Horton, my big buddy, is able to walk but faces more surgery. Billy and Linda Drinnon brought their family to vote, but they always do. I wish every one cared as much as they do about civic responsibility. John and Sandy Davis with daughter Jessica came in as did Dale and Debbie Chrisman. Bob and Sara Thornburgh took time out to vote. He is the pastor at Watermill these 20 years.

In case you do not know it, Swink Community, you have a jewel in your midst-Bill White. He is fire chief and wears many more hats. He had the election polls open early with a lovely pot of coffee to welcome us. His wife brought lunch over. I have never had chicken salad as good as hers.

It was jelly making time at my house this week. The juice hand been frozen since last year. It was muscadine and did it turn out well. It was almost set by the time I scooped it into the jars. There is some elderberry juice to be done next. While looking for some jars, I discovered two cases of jelly from 2017 and 2018. Elderberry jelly gets better as it ages.

At Baptist Village most of the administrators were gone to some mandatory meeting. One of my precious ladies passed away Wednesday– Ms. Lillie Belle Jenkins. The alzheimers unit is really full. You know that alzheimers is the number one problem in our nation just now. It steals our loved one’s minds and then their bodies. But do not let that deter you from going to see them. They need you now more than ever.

I have some favorites. James Langley is one of them. He knows people from the Rufe-Sobel area. Another is Alice Wheeler. She knew one of my best friends Syvellia Neitch. If you know Dorothy Stewart, go give her a visit.

Call and wish Sharon Trapp a Happy Birthday on the 26th. Go out and put some flowers on a Veteran’s Grave for Memorial Day.

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