Fort Towson Ramblings – May 31, 2019

We begin the month of June in a few days. June is the sixth month of the year so half the year is about gone. What have we done in the past six months? Sometimes I wish it would slow down, then on other days the days are too long.

My boys cut their first patch of hay. I believe this is the earliest they have ever started bailing hay. (Do you know the difference between bail and bale?)

The hydrangae are turning blue, pink or red or white depending on whether your soil is acid or alkaline. I have one that has both pink and blue on the same plant. Today (believe it or not) I had to put water on my big blue one. I went out yesterday and put Miracle-Gro on all of my house plants.

The new activity director at Baptist Village, Rachel Lane, was getting the building ready for Memorial Day. There were red, white, and blue balloons all over the place. Brother Buck was working puzzles as usual. Mr. Abeshire was looking on. I gave Mrs. Christenson a new puzzle. She enjoys the challenge. Puzzling helps keep the mind active and engaged. Jackie was elated to have an FFA quilt given to him from the Soper group. Several residents were having their after breakfast naps. Mr. Langley and I talked about how material things lose their hold on us as we get older.

Carlton Makerney was in Dallas this past week. They removed the lower lobe of one of his lungs. He will be there some time so pray for his recovery.

Saw Vivian Gibson this morning. She, her daughter Peggy and Peggy’s son Toby had just returned from a trip to Florida. They had a very good time while they were there.

Retired Educators will meet on June 4 at 10am at the First Baptist Church in Hugo to discuss the upcoming events for 2019-20. It will be a potluck lunch. Come and bring something to eat. You know the legislature gave every body a raise except retired educators.

Susan Smith’s arm is basically well. I know she is happy because she has a great deal of yard work. Susan has more plants than I do. And you should see the size of Tony’s garden.

FORT TOWSON HOMECOMING is only a few days away. All of you present and former residents need to get involved in the work that is done to keep the event going. Most of the organizers are getting old like me. We are thankful for Sharla, Gwen, and the other youngsters. But we need more. See Barbara Duncan. Remember the pancake breakfast, Friday morning at 7am. (Hopefully, I’ll be there to greet you.) Cake auction around 1pm Friday. At 4pm the Fire Department will have its annual fish fry. At 6pm, if you are not too full of fish, there is ice cream in the Home Ec room. The class reunions begin at 7pm. Please come out this year.

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