Fort Towson Ramblings

June is the first month of summer and the last month of Spring. And the rains keeps coming. Last Wednesday we received over 2 inches. It rained really hard at times. We can be thankful there was no wind and no flooding. When I was a little girl a tornado passed close to our house. I remember it took away the barn and chicken house–not a chicken was hurt. So you know I am very fearful of strong winds.

Sissie Peebles called.

She is very happy to be in her new apartment near Baptist Village. She can eat her meals there and enjoy all of the activities.

With all of the rain, the grass and weeds keep getting taller and taller. I am trying to keep it mowed so I can find my house. Some people keep trying to have me purchase one of those zeroturn mowers. Would take less time.

My dogs have killed a few armadillos. After a few days they go roll in them. What a smell! Clint says that armadillos eat fire ant eggs. So I wish my dogs would leave them alone for two reasons.

HomeComing is this week. The pancake breakfast is Friday morning at 7am. Come down to visit even if you don’t want anything to eat so early. I am supposed to be your friendly door greeter. How anyone can be friendly that early is beyond me. Then at 1 o’clock there is the cake show. Bring your best efforts to be judged best of show. At 7pm the classes meet at the New Gym. This year we meet the ladies who have been elected to the Hall of Fame of basketball. They are both Ft. Towson girls. Oh, yes the fish fry is at 4pm in the cafeteria. Ice cream is in the HomeEc building next to the gym.

This past Saturday was our HAVN Spay-neuter clinic. Everything went off well as there were no complications. But I am rather angry. Six people did not bother to show up with 10 animals therefore we only had 18 animals instead of 30 which Dr. Center prefers. Here is what happens when you don’t come. You knocked 6 to 10 other people out of a place for their pets. If you had called, the other people would have been more than glad to come, In fact, I have 18 people on the waiting list now. Call me at 580-873-2771 to schedule your pet. When you call speak slowly and distinctly to my answering machine. Mr. Owens, I could not get your last 4 digits because your phone cut out. We would love to see you and your four tomcats on June 28, Our next clinic. Call me with a clear number. Thank you Cierra for the donation of towels. They are very cute.

It is with a grateful heart, I commend Jim Earnest and the Cemetery Committee for putting flags out along the cemetery fence for Memorial Day. We need never to forget what these men and women gave up for us. Tony Hudson has a birthday on the 8th; Terry Creacy on the 9th and Lonnie Smith on the 14th (Flag Day), Why not send your favorite coach a card?

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