Red River Valley Publishing Co. ~ A Brief History

Red River Valley Publishing Co. was incorporated on August 20, 2010, and certified as an official Oklahoma Corporation on August 23, 2010.

The original incorporators were John M. Brewer and Jim L. Smith.  The company was originally incorporated with Mr. Brewer serving as Chairman and Publisher, and Mr. Smith serving as Vice President and Editor.  The newspaper itself was originally named The Buffalo Examiner.

Beginning January 1, 2011, Mr. Brewer acquired all stock in RRVP Co.  Immediately he moved to name Mr. Smith as Editor Emeritus and asked him to continue on the Board of Directors.  At that time, the Board also decided to rename the newspaper, simply, THE EXAMINER, in order to be more inclusive of its coverage area and readers.

Since it’s humble beginnings as a “Tab” or “Sub-rider” style of newspaper, THE EXAMINER has grown into an “Eastern Tab” style newspaper.  One notable fact about THE EXAMINER is that it carries only totally local good news.

With a circulation each Friday of 2,300 papers strong, THE EXAMINER continues to grow, prosper, and better serve the needs of the citizens of its coverage area.  We hope you will allow THE EXAMINER to be a part of your reading selection!