Words of Wisdom

Give and it shall be given to you A Long Night A drunk phoned the local police department to report that thieves had been in (more…)

Did You Know?

Did You Know God told Israelites “Do not test me”. But God told Malachi “Test Me”. Why the difference? The 1st implied “Do not put (more…)

Did You Know

Did You Know The Bible’s shortest chapter is written to gentiles urging us to praise the Lord. Many translations simply refer to people But Paul (more…)

Did You Know 12/22

Did You Know The Bible describes a time like ours today where conflict and violence abounded and law was paralyzed and justice often failed. The (more…)

Words of Wisdom 12/22

I Will Praise Him, in the Midnight Hour Have Faith My Child For the umpteenth time Mrs. Youngston comes to her pastor to tell him, (more…)